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I believe strongly in spreading the word about the excellence of General Aviation, in whatever means, whether it be through the enjoyment I get out of photographing the variety of aircraft that exist, flying or even making new Scenery and aircraft for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X.

The five photos below encompass the sphere of my photography very well, no 80 tonne or 1000mph jets but simple, beautiful general aviation aircraft, some built in sheds, some factories, some owned by private individuals and some owned by flying clubs.

As I believe in the prosperity of General Aviation, I can often be found helping out at my local airfield, Turweston Aerodrome, and so this is where the majority of my posts are from, however I also post photos from my travels around the world.

I hope that you enjoy looking down through some of my photos which can be viewed on the Photos page. Every photo is mine and is protected by Copyright.

Photos for Pilots

Private Pilots! I know exactly the sorts of things you like: £300 Bacon Sandwiches, the satisfaction of doing that landing and photos of you flying. Whilst I won’t be able to get you the first or second one that easily, I can happily give you number three! Please visit the photos page for more.

I would like to thank the kindness and generosity of Euan Ong at www.homegrownapps.tk and all my followers for the continued help and support that you provide.

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