There’s little hiding the fact that I’ve not been to the airfield a lot recently. Unfortunately, I find that life gets in the way quite a lot, where life happens to also generally equal making sure I actually get the A-Levels I’m studying for. I was also off sport for a couple of months following a back problem which has now faded, so getting myself to the airfield on the bike has been difficult. However, a sunny January day beckoned and hid all thoughts of previous problems, so a trip to the airfield seemed like a good idea. So I did.

G CBCB D7200 AVUK 1024x576 - Return to Normal
G-CBCB a few feet from the runway

I’ve had quite a change camera-wise in the last few weeks as well, as I accidentally upgraded my camera body to the newer Nikon D7200 and bought myself a wide angle lens. (Yes I do have a Nikon D7000 for sale at the right price, drop me an email if you’re interested). As I hadn’t had a proper chance to give them a whirl, I decided today was a good day to get started.

G BOFZ 1 avuk 1024x576 - Return to Normal
G-BOFZ on the ramp outside Mick Allen’s

It was by no means warm today, although it looked it. I had originally planned to go down to Hinton too, but was put off by the fact that the roads were very wet still at 11:15 from last night’s frost. Having had one bad fall on wet roads in the past, I am a bit cautious around them and so decided Turweston alone was the better plan.

2 SKYZ AVUK 1024x576 - Return to Normal
And 2-SKYZ in a similar spot

Things were very busy, although I didn’t get most of the action as I was only there for about 40 minutes. Even in that time though, there was a fair bit going on and always at least one engine running.

These were the aircraft I saw:

2-SKYZ2012CirrusSR22 GTS
G-AVZV1967CessnaF172H Skyhawk
G-AYPG1971Reims-CessnaF177RG Cardinal RG
G-BHSE1976RockwellCommander 114
G-BOFZ1978PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BSRR1979Cessna182Q Skylane
G-CBCB1973Scottish AviationBulldog Series 120 Model 121
G-CIRI2007CirrusSR20 G2 GTS
G-FLOW2004Cessna172S Skyhawk
G-LOGN1999PiperPA-28-181 Archer III
G-MAIE1998PiperPA-32R-301T Saratoga II TC
N203CD2004CirrusSR20 G2
N65MJ1985Beech58P Baron
G LOGN DEPARTURE AVUK 1024x576 - Return to Normal
G-LOGN lining up for departure from 27
G TOPP AVUK 1024x576 - Return to Normal
N65MJ AVUK 1024x576 - Return to Normal
G AYPG AVUK 1024x576 - Return to Normal
G MAIE AVUK 1024x576 - Return to Normal
G-MAIE landing against the harsh backdrop of winter trees
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