As it has been noted, I have been away for a bit, this involved a trip to RAF Scampton where the Red Arrows gave a lovely little show, albeit an hour later than posted, after, we went to Broadstairs for a week with a night in Brugge plonked in the middle.

Unfortunately, the light was not the best at Scampton and when you combine it with a 350 mph BAe Hawk pelting towards you, the results are not great! I have managed to salvage a couple of photos, however some might need some considerable editing before I can even think about showing them!

Red Arrow Avuk 1024x768 - Time Away
A very backlit Red Arrow pelting towards me at 350+ mph

Twirly Stuff AVUK 1024x576 - Time Away

However, the poor light was to stay in the North and leave Kent with some beautiful light and colours on some of the beach huts and parakeets that have become native to the Isle of Thanet.

Day 1:

We arrived about 3:00 pm so we headed down to the best ice cream shop in town, Morelli’s Gelato who opened their first shop in Broadstairs and have now expanded to many different countries, for example they have 2 shops in Dammam and 3 in London and Dubai. I also had a go at some wildlife photography with the plethora of seagulls that were flying around. I also got my first new pound coin.


Broadstairs beach huts 1024x768 - Time Away

Day 2:

We decided it was not a proper holiday in Broadstairs if we had not walked to Ramsgate, Ramsgate is a lovely seaside town with  a large harbour, to which ferries used to cross to the Belgian town of Zeebrugge before its recent closure. We took the chance to walk around the harbour and look at the vast variety of private boats there.

Grey Rocket RX AVUK 1024x576 - Time Away

Day 3:

We took the train from Broadstairs to Whitstable. In Whitstable, there are many lovely shops and we browsed through them after lunch, interrupted only by a G4S driver setting the alarm on his van off which pumped “Help, help G4S driver needs assistance! Call Police, Help Help” The police were then obviously called and provided a large throng of people and a decent spectacle for a quiet Tuesday afternoon.

RX43 AUK 1024x576 - Time Away

Day 4:

We woke up early to get the Eurotunnel train to Calais and then to drive to Brugge, I certainly had not realised how good a cup of tea in a paper cup could be! The waiting area van was better than Costa Coffee any day!

We arrived in Brugge in time for lunch, but unfortunately we got a little caught up in a tourist trap and were forced to go to the “Old Bruges” for lunch. We really should have taken note that in Flemish Bruges is spelled Brugge, and this was just an expensive hole of misunderstanding. The food was good, but they forgot the chips on the moules frites and roast chicken which prompted some rather sad looks from a certain chip loving member of the family! We decided that we could not risk pudding here, particularly in such major waffle territory, so we had a lovely waffle from an open front shop (I can’t remember the name). There was a rather long queue but we were not in any hurry and it was worth a ten minute wait!

Brugge tower 768x1024 - Time Away

We could not help ourselves to do anything other than look through endless chocolate shops and buy a wee bit! The chocolate lived up to expectation and was delicious, how you cannot like the pralines I do not understand but hey-ho, more for us!

Dumon 1024x768 - Time Away

Dinner was a nice meal out in the town which served a beautiful fish and duck, it was quite quiet but it was still very nice! I can’t remember what it’s called but I know it’s very Flemish with white writing and just off the main square. Afterwards we went to the only open place in the main square at 10:30 pm for a beer for the adults and a waffle for the children. It was a rather chilly night but with the heaters on, actually made us take our coats off!

Belgian flag bruggw 768x1024 - Time Away

The light was incredible at 11:00, so I crept out of the hotel to take some night shots, which on very close inspection are slightly soft, but I did not have a tripod so was forced to lean the camera on the wall between the canal and road.

Hotel de orangerie night 1024x768 - Time Away

Day 5:

We had a lovely breakfast at the hotel on the Thursday, even though I have been to Brugge before, I have never seen or had slabs of chocolate for breakfast!

Corner shop brugge 768x1024 - Time Away

Afterwards, we decided to wander in to town again, we did not have much that we wanted to do but we did carry on with the chocolate shopping, we had a late train back to Folkestone so we had lunch and yet another waffle before heading back to the Auchan in Dunkirk to fill up on cheeseburger crisps and wine. I do not know why, but I find shopping in French supermarkets much more fun than a British one!

Day 6:

We did not really do too much as we were all shattered after a couple of late nights away in Brugge, we wandered around Broadstairs and got another couple of ice creams before going back home.

Day 7:

We chose what was probably the worst day to walk to Margate but we still went for it, although there was no rain, there was a 25 kt headwind which really took its toll so we had to chicken out of walking back and took the train as we were all rather tired!

Lido sansd 1024x768 - Time Away

Seashell woman 768x1024 - Time Away

When we got back to Broadstairs, we had yet another ice cream and watched one of the sailing races taking place just outside of the bay, there was not as much wind in Broadstairs as in Margate as Broadstairs is very sheltered.

Day 8:

Last day in Broadstairs sent us to the town to see what was going on, the sailing was continuing, so I stayed to take some photos of the racing before heading home for an afternoon of games and the second half of the Grand Prix before going to a really nice fish restaurant on the high street, as my father would say, “I thoroughly enjoyed that!” Sailing boat bstairs 1024x768 - Time Away