It’s looking like spring may have finally sprung! I am keeping that, however, in the subjunctive, as I think one can probably trust the tabloid press more than the British weather.

G KDOG avuk 1024x576 - Clocks Back, Sun Forward?
The clouds were thinning, and the sun tried to come out

Today, however, was a nice day with both the sun and blue sky playing the up and coming actor by trying hard to make an appearance. The wind, however, had a singing part along with Mothers’ Day, and put off most of the flying for today.

N347DC avu 1024x576 - Clocks Back, Sun Forward?
N347DC landed as I drove into the airfield, and was subsequently the only aircraft I saw flying

Unfortunately, this meant that I only managed to see one aircraft flying: Cirrus, N347DC, and typically, it was landing as I drove in, so all in all, that’s a solid zero on the flying count! There were still, however, a good few visitors still hanging around, and so I took the opportunity to play plane paparazzi and got them.

These are the aircraft I saw

G-AZXD1972Reims-CessnaF172L Skyhawk
G-BHSE1976RockwellCommander 114
G-EOHL1968Cessna182L Skylane
G-KDOG1973Scottish AviationBulldog Series 120 Model 121
G-OPWS1982MooneyM20K 231
N347DC2015CirrusSR22T Platinum
N711TL1984PiperPA-60-700P Aerostar
G EOHL avuk 1024x576 - Clocks Back, Sun Forward?
G-EOHL arrived shortly before I did
N71CW avuk 1024x576 - Clocks Back, Sun Forward?
G RVEI avuk 1024x576 - Clocks Back, Sun Forward?
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