I don’t feel it is fair to make this over about three hundred words so I’ll keep it short.

So, we start the day at a time in the fives for a 7 meet and 7:30 departure. If only. I arrive at school for 7 ready to go, along with 70 of the 71. Fair enough, we’ll wait for a bit. We can pack the trailer whilst we’re at it. Somehow, I am roped in to help and end up finding that the front seat in the minibus is mine. Could be worse I suppose, and I do find the legroom a bit shoddy on many minibuses and it’s quite nice in the front. Then, 3 out of 5 minibuses leave and we are left waiting for the imbecile who thought it was an 8:00 meet. The trailer is locked. So we’re forced to have the suitcase forced into the back of the bus and to share my nice legroom with this imbecile for 7 hours.

As we arrive in Wales we seem to think fair enough weather’s nice, maybe the [4 mile] glacial walk will be Okay. Typically the heaviest rain that this place has seen this side of April fool’s day fell.

To add insult to injury, the hostel we are staying in prides itself on sustainability, for example they said they had good insulation. Where I don’t know! Then the real slap in the face is the fact we are being kept in classrooms until quarter to nine with only an hour for dinner.

The wi-fi is dodgy but fortunately existent so I can keep you posted but I don’t have mobile signal so cannot receive calls so if you have a problem email me or DM me on Instagram.

I’ll try and write something tomorrow but for now, I’m shattered so night night.

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