Having experienced a rather long drought in terms of the airfield, I figured today was a good day to pop down. Clearly the weather gods didn’t agree with me and so with a cloud base of under 1000 foot until gone noon, meant I committed myself to doing other things before I ended up going down this afternoon. The cloud had lifted slightly, however, the general rule of “if nothing’s happened by 11 o’clock, nothing will” rang true again today. In my hour at the field, four aircraft flew. I am not complaining at the lack of aeronautical going-ons, however, as it was still my busiest day of the year so far and it was nice to get back to the airfield after a few months.

G ASVM avuk 1024x576 - End of a Hiatus
G-ASVM, a visiting Reims build Cessna 172 taxiing in

During my hiatus, the airfield has welcomed new aircraft, some many months ago, although I have had to wait until now to “meet” them. Although I don’t really like the cowling on it, I am particularly intrigued by “newly” resident G-RVLC, a Jet A1 powered Vans RV-9A claiming to have a range of over 1000nm thanks to its low fuel burn.

G RVLC avuk 1024x576 - End of a Hiatus
This diesel powered RV-9A became resident during my hiatus
G PLOP avuk 1024x576 - End of a Hiatus
As did Magni Gyro, G-PLOP

Interestingly, my phone decided to inform me that the British tabloids were predicting another FEBRUARY FREEZE, but whatever happens, the weather is looking pretty good at the moment, with double figures and forgotten jumpers being the order of the day today. Although, before I try to tell the tabloids that they may well be wrong, I might have to remind myself of my blog post from this time last year entitled “Has March Come Early?”… And we all know the answer to that one, and it may well involve the tabloid favourite, the Beast from the East…

These are the aircraft that I saw

G-ASVM1964Reims-CessnaF172E Skyhawk
G-BHSE1976RockwellCommander 114
G-BOKX1978PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BYHI1980PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-GCDA2008CirrusSR20 G3 GTS
G-OAAA1993PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-PLOP2011MagniM24C Orion
N711TL1984PiperPA-60-700P Aerostar
N711TL NOSE avuk 1024x576 - End of a Hiatus
Piper Aerostar N711TL was sitting on the ramp. She certainly is an imposing aircraft from the nose!
G OAAA avuk 1024x576 - End of a Hiatus
G-OAAA flew in for a short visit

And if you are wondering why the title insists on being Auto Draft, so am I! For some reason, I’m not allowed to change the title on here and it’s stuck as Auto Draft…

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