Today was pretty busy, with many different aircraft flying. Notably, the disabled display team were training again, with two Piper Warriors, G-BMFP and G-BSYY, and a De Havilland Chipmunk, G-BARS. They did three sorties throughout the day, although, unfortunately, I had the wrong lens on my camera to capture any of their formation flying.

I also got to witness my first RRRs (Rotors Running Refuel), which are excellent opportunities for photos, and some helicopters are so powerful on the downdraft, there may be free flying opportunities for the unaware! I have flown in a Westland Puma helicopter before, which involved getting in when the helicopter was on, however, as it was on idle, the downdraft was nothing compared to the power of the Agusta Westland A109, G-TXTV on takeoff and landing. G-BXRY also had an RRR, and I was mightily impressed with the photos that came out! It does help that I only use the small lens, which is sharper and also better for hand holding the camera with slow shutter speeds. BXRY is also a very interesting airframe, as it was built in 1968, making it 50 this year, its condition really would not suggest this, particularly when compared to some of the fixed wing fleet.

Today also marks a milestone, as according to my database, I have seen my 1000th civil aircraft, which means that I am doing pretty well on the registration front, particularly as I have only been at the aviation photography thing for slightly less than two years!

These were the aircraft I saw:


G-AKUJ 1947 Luscombe 8E Silvaire Deluxe
G-ARMC 1950 De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22A
G-ASMJ 1963 Reims-Cessna F172E Skyhawk
G-ASNW 1964 Reims-Cessna F172E Skyhawk
G-BAEM 1972 Robin DR400/120 Petit Prince
G-BARS 1952 De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22
G-BHLX 1977 Grumman AA-5B Tiger
G-BMFP 1979 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II Blackbushe
G-BSYY 1986 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BVUV 1999 Europa
G-BXRY 1968 Bell 206B Jetranger II
G-CILY 2014 Ikarus C42 FB80 Bravo Turweston
G-ETLX 1976 Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II Turweston
G-JAMP 1975 Piper PA-28-151 Warrior Denham
G-JANT 1983 Piper PA-28-181 Archer III
G-KYTE 1982 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II
G-SKKY 2005 Cessna 172S Skyhawk
G-SKYF 1993 SOCATA TB10 Tobago
G-TVCO 2006 Gippsland GA8 Airvan
G-TXTV 2009 Agusta-Westland A109E Redhill
G-WPDB 1999 Eurocopter EC135 P1 Bristol
G-ZACE 2001 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP Sywell
N222SW 2004 Cirrus SR22 G2