One of the UK’s main private jet airports, London Oxford airport is a hub for all things expensive. World renowned flight schools are based at Kidlington where one can expect to pay a hundred thousand pounds to get to the front of an Airbus. Whilst EGTK is absolutely no way near London, it still adorns the capital’s name on its gates. There is always a plethora of business jet traffic here, with Bombardier Challengers and Cessna Citations being as common as muck. The airport only has a 4327 feet runway, 206 feet longer than Turweston. That’s not even enough to park an extra Boeing 747-8 on the runway! This obviously limits traffic somewhat and so, I doubt that any Boeing BBJs will be coming soon!


2 MATO avuk 1024x576 - London Oxford Airport EGTK/OXF


G HAFT avuk 1024x576 - London Oxford Airport EGTK/OXF