So finally, 6 days after I had a whiteboard thrown through my face, and 5 days after the stitches went in, I have had them out this morning. Although the appointment was still pretty early, waking up at that ungodly hour (particularly for the first day of my holiday) to go to the doctor’s was probably worth it.

The question I keep being asked is how did it happen?, and honestly, it is not the most heroic story ever! So, as we packed up the mini, A4 whiteboards at the end of the last period of the week, I unexpectedly had one frisbeed into my face, and I think as a reflex I must have bitten through my lip which warranted three stitches, and, in all credit to the consultant who did it, it was a very neat job and it was barely visible from more than about 4 feet.

The main thing that I could complain about was the severe inefficiency of the NHS, who sent me to one ward who then sent me to another for me to wait there and be forgotten, only for the consultant to come from the original ward and not have any of her normal stuff in the right place, anaesthetic, stitches everything.

Anyway, it is over and although I have been told that I will have a neat scar just under my lip, it is not too noticeable but still a nice memento for the future!

Have a nice Easter