Part 1 – France

We are having a great time in France, so much so, that I haven’t got around to writing this. But a week and a half in here we go!

Sorry that there aren’t any photos in this, but unfortunately the internet is a bit slow here in very rural France so I’ll do them when I get back to the UK in Part 2. However, there are some photos which can be seen from here: and (sorry you’ll need to copy and paste these into a new tab but WordPress is a pain on the Chrome app with links).

We have done quite a lot it would seem! I have had a considerable go with the brush cutter and found that I prefer the two stroke as it hurts my back less, although at the expense of shaky hands for an hour or so after! I have managed to get through nearly 7 metres of the cutting cable stuff and also part of a head but that’s irrelevant…

We went to Les Mottes Castrales de l’an Mil, which is part of the medieval circuit in the Creuse consisting of the Mottes, the Château at Villemonteix and Chénérailles. The Mottes have a nice picnic area overlooking the Mottes and if coming over lunch I would recommend it! The tour is relatively cheap but can take up to two hours so if you are in a hurry then I recommend buying a booklet for €2.00 and going around yourself, the booklets can be purchased in French or English so are good if you aren’t​ amazing at reading or listening to French. Whatever happens, I would recommend wearing solid shoes and not high heels like someone did when we visited.

The food and accommodation here is like at a five star hotel with one major exception, at a five star hotel, the dog doesn’t eat the pound of mince you’ve got for your Spaghetti that night! The dog really was in the doghouse for that.

Together we have cleared the hayloft in the little barn only to (start to) move the Plasterboard from the new sitting room up there. I calculated that I have climbed the 3 metre ladder more than 30 times in 48 hours!

We also went to Montluçon, in Allier, to buy a banister for the cave as we aren’t too keen on falling down it. Today’s job is to finish moving the Plasterboard, which at over 25kg a pop with nowhere to hold is quite hard. Once we have finished that, I’m hopefully going down the cave stairs to repoint the stairs whilst the others cut the banister to size.

I’ll not take any more of yours or my time as I could do with watching a video on pointing and you probably ought to be doing something else too!

Bye for now!




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