When I left you last time I was about to go down the cave to repoint it. I can say that unfortunately I did not manage to finish it in my time in the Limousin. For everyone who thinks that said house in the middle of nowhere has a cave or even is a cave, I am using cave in its French way meaning cellar.

Annoyingly, the cave is made to some normal Creusois dimensions and as I am 6 ft 2, the 5 ft cave resulted in a lot of bending down and my back was hurting quite a lot on Saturday evening! The worst part was also that occasionally I did forget my height and its lack of it and my head wasn’t too pleased! Overall though, I am pleased with how it came out, and I have found I might have some skill in something vaguely artistic! I have attached some photos of the finished side in the pictures below. I also found that along with learning how to repoint, I learnt most of the words to lots of songs too, with everything from Jacques Brel to Oasis.

On Bastille Day we went to Chenerailles to watch the fireworks and were also treated to one of the local fire eaters. She put on a great show and I have some long exposure shots of her performing below.

We transplanted a tree which was a little more difficult than expected, in the end, we had two people jumping on the pot whilst it was suspended from the tractor forks.  It is now planted next to the rose at the bottom of the field.

I have put all the photos I promised last time in the gallery below and I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Firework 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
The Chenerailles fireworks were very good!
DSC00408 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
Probably my favourite from the fireworks
DSC00373 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
One of my favourite ever photos!
DSC00341 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
Fire eating involves a lot of fire twirling too…
DSC00372 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
… and a lot of fire blowing!
DSC00471 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
We found a chisel and decided it needed sharpening
DSC00332 1024x225 - Part 2 - France
A panorama of Les Mottes Castrales de l’an Mil at Saint-Dizier-La-Tour – an attraction well worth a visit
DSC00325 768x1024 - Part 2 - France
The church in La Tour, where the tour of the mottes starts
DSC00281 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
One of the mottes
DSC00424 768x1024 - Part 2 - France
Chambon-sur-Voueize – Where the brocante was
DSC00419 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
Chambon has a very pretty, and very old, church
DSC00413 1024x768 - Part 2 - France
And was voted the third prettiest village in France in 2014