I have not been to Le Touquet Airport that many times, however, I know that it is a haven for British pilots on a summer’s day. There is a nice restaurant on site and it has a small viewing deck although it is not great for photography of aircraft at the other end of the apron as it is too far for most lenses, and if the sun’s out, there is an awful lot of heat haze over the tarmac.

N747GK avuk 1024x576 - Photography at Le Touquet Airport
N747GK seen at viewing point 2

I do not know where to go for flying aircraft, but my advice for photography is as follows:

  1. There is a viewing deck situated on the terminal roof, but as always, look out for heat haze! To get there, you’ll need to climb the steps on the right hand side of the building (In April 2018, they were painted white)
  2. Round the side of the terminal, there is a fence and a little kerb allowing photography over the fence without a step ladder (Please note that I am 6ft 4in and so for shorter people, a step ladder may be a good solution)
  3. The restaurant is nice and the apron is in front, it is an excellent spot for getting photos of aircraft that are on the ramp outside.


Scanner Frequencies:

Le Touquet does services in both English and French, so some French does not go amiss. If you are flying in, you’ll need to keep your wits about you and look out for traffic, especially if you do not understand French.

  • Le Touquet Tower: 118.450
  • Le Touquet ATIS: 120.275


*All frequencies listed are NOT to be used for any form of aeronautical navigation without checking with the relevant aerodrome first and I accept no responsibility for the illegal use of scanners or cameras at all aerodromes.