As circumstances are weird things, Dad and I went to Shuttleworth, whilst the other lot went to London. It was baking hot all day and there was a magnificent flying display. I’m not gong to elaborate in words much, as pictures are generally far better than words!

I also had my first day back at Turweston which saw the usual variety of traffic, and in the table below, the ICAO code represents were each aircraft was seen. (EGTH = Old Warden, EGBT = Turweston)

The best part of the last couple of days though was getting to fly in G-BZXZ, a 1974 Bulldog. This also saw some aerobatics as the image in the gallery shows

These were the aircraft I saw (Some Shuttleworth ones may be incorrect, if so please contact me – Thanks):

AQQ 1938 EoN Primary 7 Old Warden EGTH
BGA1999 1955 Fauvel AV-36 Old Warden EGTH
BGA4286 Letov LF-107 Lunak EGTH
F-GUIX 1997 Cessna 172R Skyhawk Amiens Glisy EGTH
G-AAYX 1930 Southern Martlet Old Warden EGTH
G-ACSS 1934 De Havilland DH88 Comet Old Warden EGTH
G-ACTF 1932 Comper CLA7 Swift Old Warden EGTH
G-ADEV 1918 Avro 504K Old Warden EGTH
G-ADGP 1935 Miles M2L Hawk Six Old Warden EGTH
G-AEPH 1918 Bristol Fighter F2B Old Warden EGTH
G-AEXF 1936 Percival Mew Gull Old Warden EGTH
G-AGJG 1941 De Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide EGTH
G-AGSH 1945 De Havilland DH89 Dragon Rapide EGTH
G-AHKX 1946 Avro Anson C19 Series 2 Old Warden EGTH
G-AHSA 1933 Avro 621 Tutor Old Warden EGTH
G-ALWB 1950 De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22A Henlow EGTH
G-ANKT 1942 De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth Old Warden EGTH
G-ANZT 1957 Thruxton Jackaroo Henlow EGTH
G-ASSS 1964 Cessna 172E Skyhawk EGTH
G-ASST 1964 Cessna 150D Turweston EGBT
G-AWII 1942 Supermarine Spitfire VC Old Warden EGTH
G-AXIX 1969 Glos Airtourer 150 EGTH
G-AXLS 1959 Jodel DR105A EGTH
G-AYGE 1946 Stampe and Vertongen SV.4C EGTH
G-AZGY 1968 Piel CP301B Emeraude Henlow EGTH
G-AZWT 1942 Westland Lysander IIIA Old Warden EGTH
G-BBRC 1973 Fuji FA-200-180 Aero Subraru EGTH
G-BBSA 1974 Grumman AA-5 Traveller EGTH
G-BBZV 1973 Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II EGBT
G-BGCO 1978 Piper PA-44-180 Seminole Warton EGTH
G-BKGL 1952 Beech D18-3TM EGTH
G-BKTH 1939 Hawker Sea Hurricane IB Old Warden EGTH
G-BLUZ 1944 De Havilland DH82B Queen Bee Henlow EGTH
G-BNRG 1981 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II EGBT
G-BOCK 1980 Sopwith Triplane Replica Old Warden EGTH
G-BSAJ 1954 CASA 1-131-E3B Jungmann EGTH
G-BVLR 2014 Vans RV-4 EGTH
G-BWEF 1946 Stampe and Vertongen SV.4C(G) EGTH
G-BZLG 2000 Robin HR200/120B EGTH
G-BZSC 2001 Sopwith Camel Replica F.1 Old Warden EGTH
G-BZWV 2002 Steen Skybolt EGTH
G-BZXZ 1974 Scottish Aviation Bulldog Series 120 Model 121 Turweston EGBT
G-CBEF 1974 Scottish Aviation Bulldog Series 120 Model 121 EGTH
G-CCBG 2002 Best Off Skyranger Swift 912(1) EGTH
G-CFGX 2008 Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK EGBT
G-CWTT 2017 Cessna 182T Skylane Gloucestershire EGBT
G-DISP 2016 Rotorsport UK Calidus EGTH
G-EBIA 1918 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A Old Warden EGTH
G-EXIL 2006 Extra EA300/S EGTH
G-FBCY 2015 Denney Kitfox Mk7 EGTH
G-GWFT 2015 Rans S6-ES EGTH
G-HATZ 1981 Hatz CB-1 EGTH
G-HITT 1940 Hawker Hurricane 1 Old Warden EGTH
G-KAPW 1955 Percival P56 Provost T1 Old Warden EGTH
G-KEMI 1998 Piper PA-28-181 Archer III Fowlmere EGTH
G-KVAN 2007 Flight Design CTSW EGTH
G-LEAM 1979 Piper PA-28-236 Dakota EGTH
G-OARU 1989 Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III EGBT
G-OODE 1947 Stampe and Vertongen SV.4C EGTH
G-SHCK 2015 Ikarus C42 FB80 EGTH
G-SVAS 1961 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub Old Warden EGTH
G-TGRZ 1977 Bell 206B Jetranger III Shobdon EGTH
G-TMAX 2010 Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Sportstar Max EGTH
G-WPDB 1999 Eurocopter EC135 P1 Bristol EGBT
LN-LJE 1952 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub EGTH
N49943 1943 Boeing A75N1(PT17) EGTH


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