A rather out of the blue trip today, which was very nice and was a nice little thing to do in the nice weather. The traffic today was OK but as most of it was landing, I only got a few photos. One of my favourite aircraft, a North American Navion from Eaton Bray-Park Farm, a farm strip about 8.5 miles from Luton came in for some fuel (and probably a cake, they are very nice!). A lot of action was from returning residents, although Booker Gliding payed another visit but with their Pawnee this time.

These were the aircraft seen

(All aircraft active)

  • G-BAXZ (1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee)
  • G BHUU AVUK 1024x576 - Spotting Report 03/06/17G-BHUU (1980 Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee D)
  • G-BNYP (1984 Piper PA-28-181 Archer II)
  • G BYHI SHORT FINALS 27 AVUK 1024x576 - Spotting Report 03/06/17G-BYHI (1980 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II)
  • G-CIRI (2007 Cirrus SR20 G2)
  • G-CGLT (2010 CZAW Sportcruiser)
  • G-DUDE (2004 Vans RV-8)
  • G-OPEP (1979 Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV)
  • G-RRCU (Jodel DR221B Dauphin)
  • G SCMG AVUK 1024x576 - Spotting Report 03/06/17G-SCMG (2014 Ikarus C42 FB80 Bravo)
  • N8968H AVUK 1024x576 - Spotting Report 03/06/17N8968H (1947 North American Navion A)

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  1. G-BHUU

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  1. G-SCMG