As I woke up this morning and checked Facebook for my daily dose of Turweston aviation weather. Licking my wounds after not going on Tuesday, which as can be inferred from the embedded post, was quite busy, and I think I missed out a bit.

It was not to be, however, as I had a slow start which built up to a frantic end and I will confess that I might have forgotten to check my watch and so it was a quarter to five by the time I had left the aerodrome!

There is no doubting that what made this day “special” was G-IIFM, a Zivko Edge 360 who performed an aerobatics display (once on the dead side of the aerodrome). I don’t know what the reason behind these antics was; it was a nice sight nonetheless! Whatever the reason was, there was a man with a video camera filming who left when G-IIFM was finished.

There was also a large array of other traffic, with two motorgliders, a few microlights and some “proper” planes too. These, and a flask of tea, kept me satisfied for this afternoon!

As the active runway was 27, all aircraft are active

These were the aircraft seen
  • G-AVLT (1967 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee)
  • G-BBIX (1972 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee)
  • G BJHB avuk 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17G-BJHB (1981 Mooney M20J)
  • G-BNSP (1987 Slingsby T67M Firefly)
  • G BUDC avuk 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17G-BUDC (1980 Slingsby T61F Venture T Mk2)
  • G-BYHI (1980 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II)
  • G CIIT avuk 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17G-CIIT (2014 Skyranger Swift 912S(1))
  • G CTAM BLUR AVUK 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17G-CTAM (2007 Cirrus SR22)
  • G CTAV LANDING avukjpg 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17G-CTAV (2004 Evektor Aerotechnick EV-97 Eurostar)
  • G-FCSP (1990 Robin DR400/180 Régent)
  • G FLKS avuk 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17G-FLKS (2000 Scheibe SF25C Falke)
  • G IIFM avuk 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17G-IIFM (1994 Zivko Edge 360)
  • G-IILY (2000 Robinson R44 Raven)
  • G OPSS avuk 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17G-OPSS (2004 Cirrus SR20 G2)
  • N213CL avuk 1024x576 - Spotting Report 23/08/17N213CL (2016 Cirrus SR22T)
  • N834CD (2002 Cirrus SR22)