My trip to Turweston today was ever so slightly sad as unfortunately, it is probably my last trip in this flying season. I know that that is not really a thing but it does mean that the expensive stuff often goes back inside. Another major problem with it is the fact that the days are shorter. This time next week, sunset will be around half past 5 and in the blink of an eye it’ll be 4.

Instead of complaining about the future, I’ll just say that today was quite good. There was a nice variety of aircraft including Turweston’s resident Sokol M1C. This is the only one of its type in the UK and 8 in the world. Five of these are in museums and only three still fly, as a result it is a privilege to be able to see this Czechoslovakian beauty grace the Northamptonshire sky. Another highlight was SIAI-Marchetti G-MACH. Although the SIAI-Marchetti is not as rare as the Sokol, it is still one of my favourite aircraft with clean lines and enviable speed.

As Turweston’s nearby land is used for farming, it is interesting seeing the seasons change with the crops, a while ago you may have noticed the yellow oilseed rape and later, the golden wheat. Now, the sheep have been moved and so, instead of cultivated land, there are some sheep in the background of some of the photos.

I have found that doing the new format saves me a lot of time as well and as there were no concerns raised, it shall stay.

I would also like to use the opportunity to tell you about a couple of exciting announcements.

The first is that is no longer http:// but https:// due to the major server upgrades which were made yesterday by Euan. These should also mean that the server is both quicker and more reliable. As a result the risk of “carpet ignition” is significantly reduced.

The other news is that I have been published in this month’s Pilot magazine (that’s the December issue). It may not be out in the shops yet, but my copy dropped through the letterbox this morning. If you are looking to find my article and photo, look for page 64 and I am at the bottom.


These were the aircraft I saw today:


G-AIXN 1947 Sokol M1C
G-ASZU 1965 Cessna 150E
G-ATEM 1964 Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee
G-AVLT 1967 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee
G-AYAC 1969 Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow
G-AYDZ 1965 Jodel DR200
G-BCKV 1974 Reims-Cessna FRA150L Aerobat
G-BEZF 1974 Grumman AA-5 Traveller
G-BOBV 1977 Reims-Cessna F150M
G-BORK 1981 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BXDN 1952 De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22
G-BXOX 1978 Grumman AA-5A Cheetah
G-BZLC 1998 PZL 110 Koliber 160A
G-CBBS 1973 Scottish Aviation Bulldog Series 120 Model 121
G-CCMR 2003 Robinson R22 Beta
G-CGLT 2010 CZAW Sportcruiser
G-CIWU 1991 Mcdonnel Douglas MD369E
G-EERV 2002 Vans RV-6
G-HALS 2007 Robinson R44 Raven II
G-IILY 2000 Robinson R44 Raven
G-JAEE 2010 Vans RV-6A
G-LIKY 2015 Aviat A-C-180 Husky
G-MACH 1968 SIAI-Marchetti SF.260
G-NJOY 1982 Piper PA-28-181 Archer II
G-OBJT 2005 Europa XS
G-OCFD 1980 Bell 206B Jetranger III
G-OPEP 1979 Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV
G-OPSG 2013 Eurofox 912(S)
G-SAPI 1976 Piper PA-28-181 Archer II
G-SSTL 2016 Just AirCraft SuperStol
G-TWLV 2011 Vans RV-12
G-WACY 1984 Reims-Cessna F172P Skyhawk