On Thursday evening I read an interesting article about the state of affairs in South Korea. This was not, however, about nuclear war or anything similar but something I am sure everyone can relate too: cold weather. Turweston today was very similar to the state of affairs that is being experienced in South Korea, albeit slightly warmer. The weather station at the aerodrome is currently reporting a 15kt wind with gusts in excess of 30kts. This is making the measly 5 degrees feel arctic! Unfortunately, I couldn’t bear to stay at the aerodrome for longer than about an hour, otherwise I may have ended up frostbitten; asking “Where are my toes?”

Today’s traffic was of interesting varieties including two of Helicentre’s Eurocopters, G-OGUN and G-SPVK, landing and doing RRRs together. There was also a bit of action from the flying club and resident, G-BAXZ. ‘XZ was having some radio problems but appeared to have these sorted reasonably quickly before taking to the skies like a stabbed rat. I’ll give credit to every pilot who flew today as the wind was both strong and variable and everyone that I saw put the wheels down nicely or took off like a burglar from a crime scene.


Aircraft list


G-ASYP 1964 Cessna 150E Henlow
G-ASZB 1965 Cessna 150E Turweston
G-BAXZ 1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Turweston
G-BOKX 1978 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II Turweston
G-BORK 1981 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II Turweston
G-OAWM 2008 Cirrus SR20 G3-GTS North Weald
G-OGUN 1999 Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil  
G-SPVK 2007 Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil  
N85LB 1978 Cessna 340A Turweston




Quick footnote: good thing I went this morning! I’ve just looked at the hail coming down and am somewhat glad to be in the safety of inside! To put it into context, the hailstones are about the size of peas!

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