Turweston aerodrome is often described as the best GA airfield in the UK. It is quite easy to see why as well! It has an amazing café with good prices and amazing food, a 4100 foot runway, friendly staff, , amazing spots for photography, fantastic location, excellent businesses on site including: the Light Aircraft Association, Mick Allen Aircraft Resprays, Akki Aviation Services, and ATSO Engineering.

I have been photographing at Turweston since 2016 and have had many photos bought and used by organisations including Pilot Magazine, and resident flying club, The Gyrocopter Flying Club.

As Turweston is so near to the internationally renowned Silverstone racing circuit, Turweston often benefits from both fixed wing and rotary wing traffic during the various Motorsport events. The annual Formula 1 is the highlight although unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to go and see the amazing variety of helicopter traffic as I have been either on holiday, or at the racing itself at the time. Of course, the Formula 1 is not the only event of such a calibre to visit the circuit, the Moto GP is another packed fixture in Silverstone’s calendar which results in some cool traffic being found at Turweston too. A highlight for me was the helicopter being used to film the event from above coming into Turweston for a Rotors Running Refuel.