In the original version of FSX, Turweston is a mere strip of tarmac, just over 900 metres in length. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Turweston is a bit more than the strip of tarmac. 

Now, Turweston is more than a strip of tarmac, said tarmac is 1200 metres long and there is even some grass to complement it!

Given the extensive changes seen at the airfield in recent years, I have figured it may well be necessary to update the airfield a little bit, so here is my latest project:

2018 12 10 19 16 22 - Turweston for Microsoft FSX

This is a completely ground up project and I have added all of the buildings at the airfield. 

I have also added considerable amounts of traffic with based aircraft doing circuits during the day and others sleeping. Some aircraft are based on real aircraft both based at Turweston and not, others are purely fictional.

2018 11 25 21 16 41 - Turweston for Microsoft FSX
G-BORK doing a touch and go

My version of Turweston also adds the nearby Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield with some traffic, including a Cessna 206 parachuting plane to represent the parachuting activities that occur there

2018 12 10 20 30 54 - Turweston for Microsoft FSX
There is even a weekly King Air service to Turweston

You can download my version of Turweston from here

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Turweston for Microsoft FSX

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