Today was a busy day, particularly in terms of the number of aircraft with two engines. In total, we had four visiting twins, two that had stayed overnight, and two that are based at Turweston. We had an incredibly busy day with one tally suggesting 35 visitors.

The excellent thing about an airfield like Turweston is the immense variety which we can experience in even a single day, for example, today, we had single engine aircraft ranging from a Chipmunk to a Skyranger, and with the twins we had a Diamond DA 42, which, when parked next to the equally impressive Dornier Skyservant, parked next to the Piper PA-60, N711TL. The PA-60 (or Aerostar) is one of very few remaining in the world, and having finally seen, one, it grew on me quite a bit. At first, they seemed incorrectly proportioned, with the wings being either too high or too low, and too far back at the same time, however, in the flesh (or is it aluminium?) it looked right. It is therefore little surprise that it is (or certainly was) the fastest twin engine piston aircraft. It came in yesterday (Friday) and so, unfortunately I didn’t get to see it fly, however, hopefully, its new owner will bring it back to us as it is a very nice plane!

These were the visitors that I logged:

G-ATPT 1966 Cessna 182J Skylane
G-BASJ 1972 Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee Gloucester
G-BCIR 1974 Piper PA-28-151 (Reborn) Warrior Blackbushe
G-BRJC 1946 Cessna 120
G-BXFC 1997 Jodel D18 Little Gransden
G-BXIM 1951 De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22
G-CCBG 2002 Best Off Skyranger Swift 912(1) Little Gransden
G-CFNV 2009 CZAW Sportcruiser
G-CHRE 2015 Nicollier HN700 Menestrel II Little Gransden
G-CJJV 2010 Vans RV-12
G-GPSI 1988 Grob G115
G-GVFR 1991 SOCATA TB20 Trinidad
G-IOIA 2003 I.I.I. Sky Arrow 650T
G-ITST 2018 Europa Turweston
G-MAKS 2002 Cirrus SR22
G-MAXA 2004 Piper PA-32-301FT Cherokee 6X
G-NOTE 1997 Piper PA-28-181 Archer III Elstree
G-OPWS 1982 Mooney M20K 231
G-PHYZ 2008 Jabiru J430
G-RATE 1978 Grumman-American AA-5A Cheetah Cranfield
G-RCHE 2008 Cessna 182T Skylane
G-ZBED 1991 Robinson R22 Beta
M-OUTH 2007 Diamond DA 42 Twin Star
N123CA 1964 Dornier DO-28A-1
N365RE 1978 Cessna 340A Elstree
N644MW 2016 Cirrus SR22T Platinum
N711TL 1984 Piper PA-60-700P Aerostar
N971RJ 1971 Piper PA-39 Twin Comanche C/R


N711TL avuk 1024x576 - Twins Galore
The Piper Aerostar that I now really like
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