As I’ve been busy with work recently, I haven’t really had the chance to get out and go to the airfield. I therefore decided to rectify this today by getting on my bike and doing two.

HA ANG BW avuk 1024x576 - Two Airfields, One Bike Ride
Probably the best known aircraft is this Ukrainian, Hungarian registered beast of a biplane: HA-ANG is an Antonov An-2P

As I haven’t been to Hinton-in-the-Hedges before, I decided to do this first, taking an unnecessarily long route thanks to Strava’s route planner, but I won’t moan too much, as it was actually quite a nice set of quiet roads with only a couple of big hills dotted around the countryside.

Hinton avuk 768x1024 - Two Airfields, One Bike Ride
Not a safari park – just the road between Hinton airfield and village

I then decided to pop across to Turweston, taking the main road between Hinton Airfield and Hinton village, which includes a nice stretch of road through a field with gates on both sides, which are not the easiest to navigate without getting off one’s bike!

These were the aircraft I saw:

G-AWFZ1968Beech19A Musketeer Sport III
G-AYJP1970PiperPA-28-140 Cherokee
G-BBLU1973PiperPA-34-200 Seneca
G-BSJX1981PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-CIRI2007CirrusSR20 G2 GTS
G-DDOG1973Scottish AviationBulldog Series 120 Model 121
G-FIAT1973PiperPA-28-140 Cherokee
G-GALA1970PiperPA-28-180 Cherokee E
G-WACY1984Reims-CessnaF172P Skyhawk
G-WARV1998PiperPA-28-161 Warrior III


G KWET avukjpg 1024x576 - Two Airfields, One Bike Ride
Despite nice weather, there was little flying
HA ANG avuk 1024x576 - Two Airfields, One Bike Ride
The Antonov is a huge beast
G AWFZ AKKI avuk 1024x576 - Two Airfields, One Bike Ride
The sun was shining for quite a lot of my afternoon out meaning the colours on many an aircraft, including this Beech Musketeer were at their finest
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