Although sketchy weather and a strong wind straight across the runway put off some from attending Turweston’s first fly-in of the year, it was still a good event with a good variety of vintage aircraft flying around.

G NEWT HEAD avuk 1024x576 - VAC Spring Fly-in 28/04/2019
G-NEWT arrived before I did, but she was still as photogenic as ever in the morning sun

For me, there were two stand out aircraft, G-CIUW, a beautiful Canadian-build Harvard, and NC18028, a Beech Staggerwing. I was lucky to get to see the Staggerwing, as I was eating my lunch, and just about to head off to where I needed to be in the afternoon when she joined overhead. The distinctive radial engine sound catching my ear as the beautiful staggered biplane arrangement caught my eyes and ensured the security of my location, albeit for only the few minutes before she graced Turweston’s 27 Grass.

G CIUW mono avuk 1024x576 - VAC Spring Fly-in 28/04/2019
G-CIUW leaving the fly-in
N18028 avuk 1024x576 - VAC Spring Fly-in 28/04/2019
And NC18028 arriving

These are the aircraft I saw in the morning

G-AJAM1946Auster5J2 Arrow
G-ARDZ1961JodelD140A Mousquetaire
G-AXOT1969Morane SaulnierMS-893A Rallye Commodore 180
G-AYEJ1961JodelDR1050 Ambassadeur
G-AYJR1970PiperPA-28-140 Cherokee
G-AYWM1971GlosAirtourer Super 150
G-AYZH2007Taylor Titch
G-BDEY1943PiperJ3C-65 Cub
G-BEYL1974PiperPA-28-180 Cherokee
G-BOFZ1978PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BOKX1978PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BORK1981PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BTKA1941PiperJ5A Cub Cruiser
G-BUCO1992PietenpolAir Camper
G-CIUW1942NoorduynAT-16 Harvard IIB
G-EGLL1977PiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
G-FICH2015GuimbalCabri G2
G-FIFI1986SOCATATB20 Trinidad
G-GCDA2008CirrusSR20 G3 GTS
G-JAKS1962PiperPA-28-160 Cherokee
G-NEWT1947Beech35 Bonanza
G-TWEL1980PiperPA-28-181 Archer II
G-WYLD1981CessnaT210N Turbo Centurion II
G-XLTG1998Cessna182S Skylane
NC180281937BeechD17S Staggerwing
G AJAM avuk 1024x576 - VAC Spring Fly-in 28/04/2019
G BUCO avuk 1024x576 - VAC Spring Fly-in 28/04/2019
G AYEJ LANDING avuk 1024x576 - VAC Spring Fly-in 28/04/2019

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