I was thinking about how I could make the AviatorUK experience better and came to the conclusion that there was a lot that needed doing.

This is what I have done externally:

  • Completely updated the look of the site
  • Changed the content on the homepage
  • Changed the content on the Photos page
  • Added widgets to see my latest posts on all social networks
  • Modified the subscriber scrollbox

And I have worked internally to save space, spam and time for everyone

  • Removed moderation on comments except those:
    • That contain URLs
    • Are from certain known Spambots
    • Are from users that are not logged in
  • Added accounts
    • You can log in from a PC in the top corner with the login register button
    • On a mobile device you should:
      • Email me with the contact button
    • Or
      • Be Patient and wait until I have made this available
    • Or if you already have a wordpress account
      • Log in using that
  • Deleted useless plugins


Why log in?

Don’t like that scrollbox that pops up when you use the site? Or that annoying subscribe to blog button? If you register then you will instantly get rid of those when logged in. If you are a frequent visitor to the comment section, you may have noticed that it can take quite a while for your comment to appear, this is because I have to manually accept comments. So if you log in this will remove this lag time. There will also be more features coming in the future once I have ensured they work because it’s only early days at the moment.

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www.aviatoruk.ga's New Look!

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